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href="bbcards.html">BASEBALL</A>(71)<BR> <a href="bkcards.html">BASKETBALL</A>(5)<BR> <a href="fbcards.html">FOOTBALL</A>(48)<BR> <ahref="gfcards.html">GOLF</A>(0)<BR> <a href="hkcards.html">HOCKEY</A>(70)<BR> <ahref="olcards.html">OLYMPICS</A>(0)<BR> <ahref="rcards.html">RACING</A>(0)<BR> <ahref="scards.html">SOCCER</A>(0)<BR><br> AUTOGRAPH ITEMS<br> <ahref="bbau.html">BASEBALL</a>(0)<br> <ahref="bkau.html">BASKETBALL</a>(0)<br> <ahref="fbau.html">FOOTBALL</A>(0)<BR> <ahref="golfau.html">GOLF</A>(0)<BR> <ahref="hkau.html">HOCKEY</a>(0)<br> <ahref="olympicsau.html">OLYMPICS</a>(0)<br> <ahref="racingau.html">RACING</a>(0)<br> <ahref="soccerau.html">SOCCER</a>(0)<br><br> OTHER CARDS<br> <ahref="entertainers.html">ENTERTAINERS</A>(0)<BR> <ahref="political.html">POLITICAL</A>(0)<BR><br> My Ebay Listings<br> <ahref="ebay.html">MY EBAY</a>(0)<br><br> <font size=2> Thank You for stopping by buysportscards.com, Please come again.</font><br><br> <font align=center color=black size=4> ADDRESS:<br> buysportscards.com<br> 115 S. 4th St.<br> Coeur'd Alene, Idaho<br> 83814<br><br> Phone:<br> 208-664-1524<br> Email:<br> buysportscards@aol.com</font><br><br> </a></p><br> Be sure to shop the following links to some of our best sellers.<br><br> <a href="http://www.wiggettsmarketplace.com">www.wiggettsmarketplace.com<br> <p align="center"><img border="0" src="wiggetts-logo.jpg" width="210" height="80" /> </a></p><br><br></center> </font> <td width=5 valign=top bgcolor="#2E64FE"> </td> <td valign=top width="82%"> <table width="100%" cellpadding=3 cellspacing=0 border=0> <tr> <td valign=top bgcolor="#A9E2F3"> <center> <font face=arial size=6> <b><i>www<font color=blue>.</font><font color="DAA520">buy</font><font color="#2E8B57">sportscards</font><font color=blue>.</font>com</i></b><br> <img align=center height=321 width=583 src="http://www.buysportscards.com//storefront.JPG" border=6></font></center><br> <center> <b><font size=5 color=green>Welcome to buysportscards.com we are located in Beautiful<br> <a href="cda.html">Coeur d Alene, Idaho </a><br> featuring sportscards for most all sports.<br> We will be posting items to the website on a weekly basis.<br> Be sure to keep checking in for the items you are looking for. </font><br><br> <center> <font size=5 color=green>CHECK OUT THE ITEMS LISTED BELOW.<br> THESE ARE THE TYPE OF ITEMS YOU WILL FIND AVAILABLE<br> ON OUR SITE WHEN COMPLETE.</font><br><br> <center> <font face=arial Color=black size=2> <ahref="http://www.buysportscards.com//.html"> <img align=center height=130 width=110 src="http://www.buysportscards.com//fb1.JPG" border=4></a> <ahref="http://www.buysportscards.com//.html"> <img align=center height=130 width=110 src="http://www.buysportscards.com//bb1.JPG" border=4></a> <ahref="http://www.buysportscards.com//.html"> <img align=center height=130 width=110 src="http://www.buysportscards.com//hk1.JPG" border=4></a> <ahref="http://www.buysportscards.com//.html"> <img align=center height=130 width=110 src="http://www.buysportscards.com//bb5.JPG" border=4></a> <ahref="http://www.buysportscards.com//.html"> <img align=center height=130 width=110 src="http://www.buysportscards.com//fb5.JPG" border=4></a> <ahref="http://www.buysportscards.com//.html"> <img align=center height=130 width=110 src="http://www.buysportscards.com//bb16.JPG" border=4></a></center> <br><br> <center> <ahref="http://www.buysportscards.com//.html"> <img align=center height=130 width=110 src="http://www.buysportscards.com//bb11.JPG" border=4></a> <ahref="http://www.buysportscards.com//.html"> <img align=center height=130 width=110 src="http://www.buysportscards.com//hk44.JPG" border=4></a> <ahref="http://www.buysportscards.com//.html"> <img align=center height=130 width=110 src="http://www.buysportscards.com//bb18.JPG" border=4></a> <ahref="http://www.buysportscards.com//.html"> <img align=center height=130 width=110 src="http://www.buysportscards.com//fb6.JPG" border=4></a> <ahref="http://www.buysportscards.com//.html"> <img align=center height=130 width=110 src="http://www.buysportscards.com//fb12.JPG" border=4></a> <ahref="http://www.buysportscards.com//.html"> <img align=center height=130 width=110 src="http://www.buysportscards.com//bb7.JPG" border=4></a> </font></center><br><br><br> <center><b><font size=5 color=green>Ordering Information:</font></b><br> <font size=5>Email us or call us at 208-664-1524 with item number,<br> this will help to insure availability of an item.<br> All Orders will be confirmed by personal email within 24 hours.<br> We will hold your order for seven(7) days awaiting your payment.<br><br> <b><font color=green>Payments:</font></b><br> Payment by personal check will require a 5 business day waiting period for check to clear.<br> Money Order payments will ship next day. All checks must be made payable to Buy Sports Cards.<br> Paypal will also be accepted, click on one of the decals below to sign up or sign in. It's Free.<br> Please do not send CASH via mail.<br><br> <b><!-- Begin PayPal Logo --> <A HREF="https://secure.paypal.com/affil/pal=jberry0160%40aol.com" target="_blank"><IMG SRC="http://images.paypal.com/images/lgo/logo4.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!"></A> <!-- End PayPal Logo --><br><br> <b><font size=5 color=green>Shipping and Handling Charges:</font></b><br> FREE SHIPPING ON ALL SPORTS CARD ORDERS TOTALING OVER $75.<br> Prices do not include postage, handling or insurance.<br> We will combine items to help reduce the cost of shipping.<br> All cards will ship as follows $3.50 for the first card then $1.00 per card after that. <br><br> <b><font size=5 color=green>Returns and Refunds:</font></b><br> We request that you email or call us before returning an item.<br> Purchase price will be refunded upon our receipt of item in same condition as it was shipped.<br> Shipping charges are never refunded<br><br> <b><font size=5 color=red>Idaho State Sales Tax:</font></b><br> Idaho residents 6% will be added for state sales tax.<b><br><br> Email for other items of interest. Total inventory is not listed.<br> If you are in need of a particular item please email with your desires.<br> Thank You For Making buysportscards.com your collectible sports source!.<br><br> <hr noshade> <a href="mailto:buysportscards@aol.com"><center><b>buysportscards@aol.com</b></center></a> <br> <center> buysportscards.com<br> 115 S. 4th St.<br> Coeur'd Alene, ID 83814<br> 208-664-1524<br><br></b> <!-- Start of SimpleHitCounter Code --> <div align="center"><a href="http://www.simplehitcounter.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://simplehitcounter.com/hit.php?uid=1598485&f=65280&b=0" border="0" height="18" width="83" alt="web counter"></a><br><a href="http://www.simplehitcounter.com" target="_blank" style="text-decoration:none;">web counter</a></div> <!-- End of SimpleHitCounter Code --> </td> </tr> </table> </tr> </table> <!--// white line //--> <table width="100%" height=5 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0> <tr> <td valign=top bgcolor=white> </td> </tr> </table> <!--// keywords table //--> <table width="100%" height=10 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0> <tr> <td valign=top bgcolor="#4C4CFF"> <font size=1 color=white> <center>Copyright; 1996-2018, Johnny Berry, Berry's Antiques and Wiggett's Antique Marketplace. 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